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    Are your traditional sales & marketing methods not working as well as they used to?

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    What is Rev G?

    • A fully managed digital sales & marketing solution
    • Includes everything you need to get qualified sales opportunities with your dream customer accounts
    • One monthly price covers it all:
      "Revenue Growth as a Service"
    • Turn on Rev G and watch qualified sales opportunities start rolling in

    How it works?

    1. Discovery

    We learn about who you want to reach through the Rev G Dream Customer Profile Framework.

    2. Analysis

    We use human experience & artificial intelligence to put together a Dream Customer Account Data Set for you.

    3. Action

    Now is when you say “GO”. We use our team & technology to reach out to decision makers at your Dream Customer Accounts. Our outreach happens both one to one AND at scale. We’ll build your brand over time and your sales over night… A complete marketing & sales solution.

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    Get Help to Solve Your
    #1 Technology Challenge… Fast

    Turn Technology into Profits • Connect with More Customers • Grow Your Business

    We help you eliminate sales & marketing technology obstacles so you can grow your business

    Do You Struggle to Benefit from
    Modern Sales & Marketing Technology?

    Did your last cloud software trial go unused?

    Are you frustrated because the competition seems to have it all figured out?

    Are you overwhelmed by the sea of sales & marketing technologies?

    Do you have trouble seeing the real financial benefit from your technology?

    The Digital Speed Technology Accelerator is Ideal If:

    You have a serious sales or marketing technology challenge that your team complains about

    Your sales and marketing teams work in separate systems with conflicting information

    You need help to figure out which sales and marketing cloud technologies you actually need to sell more

    You’d like to implement all the parts of a modern sales and marketing funnel

    You know sales or marketing technology is stopping you from selling as much as you could be

    You have some digital sales and marketing tools but you’re not sure how they should all work together

    You get conflicting sales and marketing technology recommendations from your team or other experts

    Proven Selling Technology

    Customized for Your Business

    Our Digital Speed® Technology Consulting Program starts with a 1-hour web conference to do an initial assessment. From there we move to a full-day, private workshop where we evaluate your sales & marketing technology. This full-day totally immersive experience will determine your most pressing challenge based on ROI — what’s the lost revenue or increased cost based on not taking action.

    Proven marketing techniques & technology infrastructure

    It’s based on the same techniques we’ve used to build our own Rev G sales & marketing technology infrastructure, a process that took 2 years and a substantial financial commitment. You’ll benefit from our learning on our own technology infrastructure as well as our combined experience building out sales & marketing technology infrastructure for other companies, spanning many industries.

    A complete map & action plan to solve your technology challenge

    We’ll finish the on-site technology evaluation with a complete map of your systems, an action plan for solving your top technology challenge and most importantly a business case for why you should invest in fixing this challenge. We approach all technology challenges from a business mindset: just because something isn’t perfect doesn’t mean you’ll get ROI from solving it.

    Then based on our business case & recommendation you can choose to move forward with solving your top technology challenge or just call it “good enough”.

    If you decide to move forward we’ll help you solve your top technology challenge… fast. How fast depends on your situation, but we don’t get involved in projects we can’t execute in 90 days or less. Even if you decide not to move forward you’ll leave the session with a blueprint for a solution, which you can use in-house or take to another solution provider. 

    How do we Bill?

    We don’t bill by the hour because the longer it takes, the more profits are lost for you. So, we provide transparent fixed pricing with a bonus if we deliver on schedule and penalties if it takes longer than we initially quote. We will delivery for you on time and on budget. 

    When we say sales & marketing technology infrastructure,
    what do we mean?

    • CRM – Customer Relationship Management
    • Systems Integration
    • Account Research, Selection & Data
    • Sales Prospecting & Outreach
    • Website & Data Gathering
    • B2B Digital Advertising
    • MAP – Account Nurturing & Marketing Automation
    • Business Intelligence & Reporting
    • API Integrations for Any of the Above
    • Any B2B Sales or Marketing System you Know Could Work Better

    Your Digital Speed® Technology Consulting Program
    will give you peace of mind

    in knowing that your sales & marketing technology
    infrastructure is a competitive advantage.

    The alternative is that your competition may be using technology to take business from you, even though you have a better product. It happens all the time.

    Many CEOs and business owners would rather get a root canal than deal with cloud technology. We know. That’s why we’ll approach the entire process with a business lens first to make sure all actions align with your business growth goals.

    You’ll walk away from the Digital Speed® Technology Consulting Program with your top technology challenge solved and the peace of mind in knowing that your selling infrastructure is ready to fuel your growth and not hold you back.