Social Media Boss

What We Believe

Whoever can communicate the most value wins. Even in larger companies, that’s usually one of the leaders – either the owner of the business or other senior leadership. But business owners and other senior leadership don’t have the time to get on social media. But what if there was a way to leverage your time on social media so it makes sense for you and your business?

Our Approach

Though a series of phone calls or web meetings we capture your knowledge, edit it and distribute it across social media, so you get leverage for your time invested. Without writing a single post, your voice gets out there at trade shows, on blogs and on LinkedIn.

Here’s How it Works

We create a list of topics you want to cover
We record phone calls or web meeting to capture your knowledge
Our editors create blog articles, trade show abstracts, videos and LinkedIn posts
We distribute your content to get it in front of your ideal customers
You build a thought leader brand and drive more sales

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