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What Are Some of the Most Successful Online Businesses?

So, what are some of the most successful online businesses? I’m going to break down two different business models that I’ve seen be successful online, including one that I followed myself to generate more than 800,000 eCommerce orders. We are specifically referring to solo, entrepreneur opportunities, and that’s the question that I probably get the […]

Sales First: How to Sell to Companies

Today I want to share a concept that we have pioneered here at Rev G Media called “Sales First”. What is this concept? What does it mean?  “Sales First” means we evaluate who and what your dream customer accounts look like. Some of those dream customer accounts are going to be what we call sales […]

The Power Industry: What’s New?

POWER-GEN International is an annual event that I look forward to every year. It is a great event that serves as a business and networking hub for generators, utilities, and solution-providers engaged in multiple cross-sections of power generation. So, I'm really excited to be here to talk to different people and companies to learn about how they use digital marketing in the power industry.

Who Is Naive Today?

New technology becomes available, and people immediately call it naive. The point of this video is to put focus on valuing different personalities, thoughts, beliefs, and new ideas. So, if anyone tells you that you are naive for believing in something that you think has a future, then believe it and embrace it. The people who are naive are those who think new ideas are naive.

How To Turn Change Into Opportunity

Have you ever had any of these challenges you're sailing right along doing well in your business and in your life, and then—BAM! All of a sudden, change comes out of nowhere and disrupts your life.