What Are Some of the Most Successful Online Businesses?

EntrepreneurSo, what are some of the most successful online businesses? I’m going to break down two different business models that I’ve seen be successful online, including one that I followed myself to generate more than 800,000 eCommerce orders. We are specifically referring to solo, entrepreneur opportunities, and that’s the question that I probably get the most. Because I’ve done these types of businesses over the last 20 years, and what I’ve seen be successful today are two distinct business models. Both of them allow you to operate as a single entrepreneur, and both of them follow into the category of products.

The Two Primary Products to Sell Online 

There are also two types of key products that you can sell online: one is a physical product and the other is an informational product. So, what’s so great about eCommerce or a physical product business? First of all, when you have a physical product, you automatically have more credibility. There is a ton of people selling information products, but it’s much more difficult to establish credibility for an information product, because you have to build a personal brand around that information product before somebody will want to buy from you.

You can’t just put out an information product without a personal brand, but a physical product just right out of the gate you have more credibility with it than with an information product.

Let me cover what I mean by a physical product. I’m specifically talking about a product that you can put your own label on. Many people don’t know this, but there are many contract manufacturers out there where you can have your product manufactured, and you can create your own personal brand, put your brand on that physical product, and drive it to market. And so, that’s a big opportunity.

Why Online Advertising is Important

Therefore, the question always becomes: How will you distribute it? This is where online advertising comes in… There are two key online advertising platforms today: Google and Facebook. Google owns Google AdWords, which is search advertising and also has YouTube, which is a video advertising platform. And then, of course, Facebook has its own advertising platform.

All in all, there are pros and cons to both. I wouldn’t do both at once. Rather, my advice to you is to really know and understand one of them, and choose the one that lends itself to your physical product. Ultimately the goal would be to choose a product that you can build your personal brand around. And find a product that is something that you love, that you’re truly passionate about, and a product that you believe in.

Online BusinessYou Can Make Things Happen with An Online Business

You can make things happen with an online business. It’s great to be an entrepreneur because you have the flexibility to enjoy your life and to be able to do things. You’re gonna work harder than you work in your corporate job, but it will be more rewarding in the end. What I always like to say is that you don’t have to be great and know everything. You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great. So, until next time, get out there and start to be great.