Sales First: How to Sell to Companies

Today I want to share a concept that we have pioneered here at Rev G Media called “Sales First”.

Sales FirstWhat is this concept? What does it mean? 

“Sales First” means we evaluate who and what your dream customer accounts look like. Some of those dream customer accounts are going to be what we call sales ready. It can be really frustrating for a client when they just want to work with you, and you go all out with them by using marketing tools. After all, marketing by definition is impersonal.

At Rev G Media, our belief is you go out sales first; you make sure that you personalize everything with a human, and assign that human to the account. We call this group of people our business development team.

Our team then goes out and works with accounts to try and open doors. This puts you directly in front of your client. However, we don’t go out with a hard sell; rather, we go out with a value-added form of content, similar to what the marketing team does. But by doing it with sales, it can be much more personalized. We go out to the target account list with our sales team first.

But we are talking about B2B marketing here, which often means a longer sales cycle. Most clients—and those dream customer accounts—aren’t necessarily ready to move forward immediately. Business Development Team

As a result, if those client accounts are the right fit, they go into a nurture campaign. Nurture is more what you’d think of as traditional marketing, where you’re going out with content to the person over time, staying in front of them, and building your brand. And thought leadership content is the most effective way to go about this.

Our company does two things: We help drive appointments with dream customer accounts at scale. We open doors with our business development team, and we establish thought leadership. This brand-centric approach can build your sales very quickly and help you open new accounts. We say we like to build your sales overnight and your brand over time.

But, let me take a step back and go into more about the “Sales First” approach. This doesn’t involve traditional account executives who are assigned to the account who are just going out and making calls; rather we separate the sales function, which I believe is by far the best practice.

Brand-Centric ApproachSeparating the sales function has been proven time and time again, originally pioneered by Predictable Revenue and Salesforce.com. What they did over there and what they learned was, if you separate the sales function into prospecting (some call it sales development, but we call it business development). This involves separating the sales function between your prospecting function and your closing function.

Over time the “Sales First” approach will build your brand and establish you as a thought leader. It helps increase your margins. It helps increase your sales. It helps do the number one thing that we’re always targeting: increase market share.