The Power Industry: What’s New?

POWER-GEN International is an annual event that I look forward to every year. It is a great event that serves as a business and networking hub for generators, utilities, and solution-providers engaged in multiple cross-sections of power generation. So, I’m really excited to be here.

For the last seven years, I’ve worked directly with PennWell on many campaigns for my clients that have driven many sales opportunities. And, now, PennWell has been bought out by Clarion Energy. Clarion has a huge presence in the power industry, which means huge opportunities. I’m personally excited about the tight relationship my company, REVG has with Clarion Energy. I’m also excited to be working with them in tandem and to be able to make this happen, and to help take our clients to the next level.

Social Media in the Power IndustryThe Power Industry Changes and the Changes in Digital

So, I’m here at Power Gen 2018 talking to customers about our service offering, which focuses on driving lots of qualified sales opportunities. Typically, clients will see five times ROI in terms of what they invest with us to the return they get back. This is amazing because there’s such a change in digital these days. Many companies haven’t embraced that in the power industry, but it’s coming really, really fast and everybody’s excited to hear about social media marketing in the power industry and also ways of opening up new accounts.

The power industry is transitioning from natural gas and coal fire power over to renewables. And the companies that are embracing these industry changes, as well as the changes in digital are just crushing it. So, it’s fun to be here and I’m glad that we get to talk to people.

I connected with John Downing from Turbine Controls and Excitation group, which provides field engineering services to modern power plants in turbine controls and exciters. Rev G and TC&E TC&E troubleshoots, repairs, upgrades, and provides guidance and recommendations to upgrade or not to upgrade. They have built relationships with large utilities, such as PSE&G, Florida Power and Light, and Alpine, just to name a few. They help their customers look at their plants from a reliability, efficiency, and affordability standpoint to ensure that their plants are going forward for the next 20 years utilizing the best equipment and the best upgrades that are possible today.

REVG and TC&E got together within the last 18 months. REVG helped TC&E to grow through digital marketing campaigns using the newest technology. I personally helped convince John to move away from the legacy marketing campaigns to newer, digital online technology, and to also see the benefits and the ROI to move TC&E in a brand new direction.

Over the past year, REVG has generated over 100 quality sales calls and opportunities that should provide an ROI unmatched by legacy marketing campaigns. REVG has brought opportunity at TC&E from utilities such as PSE&G, Xcel Energy, Duke Energy.

The Power Industry Needs Digital Marketing

Power Industry Digital MarketingAll in all, the show was amazing. We talked to so many people. The lesson that I learned from today is that there’s an extreme number of people that need digital marketing in the power space. I’m excited that I picked to focus on B2B marketing and that I have the background in power. There’s a huge opportunity.

The coolest thing about Power Gen 2018 was all the people that I got to talk to. Not only did I get a chance to learn about their businesses, but we were able to give them a lot of cool ideas that they can use to further their businesses. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.