Who Is Naive Today?

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Hi, guys, Peter Perri here… Today I wanted to talk about who is naive today? This idea just popped into my head, and it’s a very interesting question.

Today’s kids are all about social media, right? Every kid wants to be a famous YouTuber. And you know what parents tell them? They are being naive.

Well, a little news flash for you… Did you know that when Facebook went public, everyone thought it was naive? No one believed that social media would ever take off. People said the same thing about Amazon. Most just brushed it off as being “something the kids do”.

However, Facebook today has a tenth of the employees and 10x the market value of General Electric, a huge company in the power industry.

So, who is REALLY naive here?

This happens again and again. New technology becomes available, and people immediately call it naive. The point of this video is to focus on valuing different personalities, thoughts, beliefs, and new ideas.

The Future of B2B Sales and Marketing 

In my opinion, B2B sales and marketing are going to unite. There will no longer be a sales department or a marketing department in B2B companies; there will just be one department headed by a chief revenue officer.

B2B Sales and Marketing

Why is that the case? Because the sales cycle is rapidly becoming elongated, requiring more marketing-related skill sets.

Of course, the sales-related skill sets will never go away; they are only going to become more important. Good salespeople are only becoming more valuable, as the transactional components of sales are being done by the Internet.

What is Emotional Labor?

But the relationship components of sales—something that I borrow from Seth Godin a lot that you’ll hear me talk about—is called emotional labor. Emotional Labor is the labor of the future.

It’s really awesome to be living in these times where we can allow our personalities to show through. After all, those personalities are really our humanity, and our humanity is what is being rewarded in the current economy. And for the younger folks out there, don’t let anyone tell you that you are naive for exploring or investing in new technologies. Like for example, Blockchain is going to be huge. AI is going to be huge.

Emotional Labor

My son loves video games. I encourage him in that because people who can code video games and who understand the interactivity of video games will have their best foot forward when the next wave of emotional labor happens.

The video game industry just surpassed the movie industry, in terms of total annual revenue.

As a result, video games are only going to continue to grow with video game-based knowledge and understanding product development as being a launching pad for the next channels, which will definitely be even more interactive. So, I strongly believe that interactive programming and interactive content will only grow in value.

If you notice, as each channel continues to evolve, as we went from YouTube, to Facebook, to Instagram, to Snapchat, they get more and more interactive. And that trend will only continue. Whatever the next big, big channel is, you can bet that Facebook, the company, will be on top of it. They’ve already invested heavily in virtual reality—because they know that interactive is the future.

And what’s crazy about all of it is that many predicted the complete opposite: Marketing was going to take over and sales was going to fall by the wayside. However, it turns out that most marketing functions and activities can be automated today whereas that closing relationship piece truly is emotional labor.

Embracing New Channels, 
Technologies, Ideas, and Emotional Labor is the Future

And so, when the next channel comes out and it just seems crazy to you, and the kids are all on board, don’t call them naive. And if you want your job safe from AI, then make sure you get involved in emotional labor.

Jump in early, because the guys that jumped into Instagram early are crushing it. They have become key influencers and thought leaders.

And for my guys out there that are in the B2B space, you kind of got a free pass because you’ve been able to watch what unfolded in business to consumer marketing.

So, if anyone tells you that you are naive for believing in something that you think has a future, then believe it and embrace it. The people who are naive are those who think new ideas are naive.