Who we are

Faster Revenue Growth
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Increase the Value of Our Clients’ Companies Through Faster Revenue Growth

Our Clients

Leaders in Power, Energy and Industry looking for a solution to increase revenue and company value.


Most consultants, agencies and software companies sell ideas and tools but not solutions that drive revenue and company value.


We built a sales and marketing tech stack of the best tools for you, run by the best sales and marketing people, designed to deliver the result you want – Faster Revenue Growth and Increased Company Value.

What we do

Lead to Cash

Build a Predictable Sales Pipeline With Your Target Accounts

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Media Boost

Pay only for Smart Advertising That Reaches Real Decision Makers to Boost Your Sales
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Cloud Tech Stack

Get The Right Combination Of Cloud Software to Enhance Your Sales & Marketing Efforts
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Social Media Boss

Put Your Voice in Front of the Industry without Taking Up All Your Time
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Create Marketing Material That Leads to Sales Results
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3X in 3

Sell Your Company For 3X What It’s Worth Today in 3 Years or Less
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Who we’ve reached

We define success differently. When our clients win, we win.

We reach Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs), Municipal Utilities (MUNIs), Electric Cooperatives (CO-Ops), Independent Power Producers (IPPs), Industrial Manufacturers, Pipelines, Refineries, Offshore & Onshore Production, and the Fortune 1000.

Who we work with

We work with clients at the forefront of Power, Energy & Industry.

Energy Sustainability

Electric Vehicles, Energy Storage, Renewables: Wind Energy, Utility Scale Solar, Rooftop Solar PV, Energy Efficiency, Smart Cities

Energy Cloud & Smart Grid

Asset Management, IoT, DERMs, Microgrids, Smart Meters, Grid Cybersecurity, Utility Data Analytics, Blockchain for Utilities, Power System Operations & Maintenance

Fossil Fuel Transformation

Gas Turbines, Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking), Cogeneration, Power Plant Optimization, On-Site Generation, HRSGs, SCRs

Industrial & Energy Production

Electric Power, Oil & Gas, Industrial Manufacturing, Chemical Processing, Food & Beverage, Pulp & Paper, Plastics, Mining & Metals, Cement

Client References

“In a very short time, Rev G has helped us build a significant sales pipeline with our exact target accounts including many large utilities and power producers.”

Pete Miranda

Nord-Lock Group, Vice President, Sales, Marketing & Business Development

“Over the past year Rev G has generated over 100 quality sales leads, calls and opportunities. They’ve been instrumental in bringing us new accounts.”

John Downing


“Rev G has generated us new key opportunities with some of our dream accounts – multi-billion dollar companies with 10,000+ employees”

Charlie Cobb

COO , G3 Global Services

“Peter and his team at Rev G have helped in a big way with marketing strategy and increased our online visibility significantly, leading to more clients in several areas of our business.”

Travis Walker

Founder, TRW Law


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